David Stamm

A Pathway to Reality

Visual and Aural Concepts in Dorothy Richardson's "Pilgrimage"
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Tracing four major themes of Dorothy Richardson`s Pilgrimage the journey, the garden, music and silence this study focuses on the interplay of perception and reflection that lies at the core of her writing. It examines the continuous representation of Miriam Henderson`s, the protagonist`s, visual and aural perception as the driving force of her overbrimming joy of life at first hand`, and as the basis of her mental conception of reality. Moreover, the study investigates Dorothy Richardson`s role as a literary inheritor. Pilgrimage, for all its methodical innovation, also proves receptive to many intertextual influences: references to texts from the Bible and to writers such as Dante, Bunyan, Emerson and Maeterlinck as well as to operas and songs are shown to support major issues of Dorothy Richardson`s own text. In her strong affinity to the Romantic poets, she can be read as a Romantic modernist. Tracing parallels to contemporary writers, the study highlights the unique voice of a female realist.
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