Nello Gaspardo

About Harsh Dogs and Grumpy Hedgehogs

The correct way to deal with people at work and in everyday life
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Every person is unique! That is unquestionable. Nevertheless, you will find recurring character traits in your colleagues or neighbours that you have to deal with in your job and in everyday life. Just think of the tough dog from the executive floor, the clever fox from the controlling department or the grumpy hedgehog from the facility management.
In this second, expanded edition, communications and negotiation expert Nello Gaspardo sketches nine different types by using animal metaphors. He points out their strengths and weaknesses and tells you exactly what you need to know when dealing with these people and how to interact with them correctly.
The book is an indispensable guide for all those who want to achieve their goals quickly, both at work and in everyday life, by effectively working with other people.

Dr. Nello Gaspardo is a communications professional and negotiation expert. He taught rhetoric, international negotiation and leadership strategies at ESB Business School in Reutlingen for 23 years. He now works as an international consultant and speaker.
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