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How the Royal Odes of François de Malherbe Reimagine the French Nation
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This new approach to Malherbe’s odes interweaves political, cultural, rhetorical, and literary history to show how they constitute a unified sequence whose ambition is to forge a new national community in the aftermath of the Wars of Religion, dislodging Malherbe from his moribund critical reception as a grammarian and technician and recovering the brilliance of a poetic genius whose political mythmaking stems from an impassioned patriotism.

Part I. Praising the Great Soul
Chapter 1. Literary Patronage
Chapter 2. The Evolution of Noble Identity
Chapter 3. The Search for Royal Eloquence
Part II. The Sequence of Royal Odes
Chapter 4. The Return of Astraea
Chapter 5. The Trials of the King
Chapter 6. Triumph and Death
Chapter 7. The Goddess of War and Peace
Chapter 8. The Prophecy Fulfilled

Michael Taormina is an Associate Professor of French
Michael Taormina is an Associate Professor of French Literature, Culture and Language in the Romance Languages Department at Hunter College, CUNY. His research explores the intersection of eloquence, patronage, and noble identity in French lyric poetry of the early seventeenth century, and he has published articles on the work of Théophile de Viau, Saint-Amant, and Vincent Voiture. He is also a translator of French theatre and philosophy. He holds a Ph.D. in French and Romance Philology from Columbia University.

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