Nora Benitt

Becoming a (Better) Language Teacher

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This qualitative-interpretative study investigates a cohort of twelve English teachers enrolled in the M.A. programme ,E-LINGO – Teaching English to Young Learners‘. The aim is to explore if, how and under what circumstances classroom action research, a core component of the programme, can foster teacher learning. Since the participants have different educational and cultural backgrounds and various levels of professional experience in the field of language teaching, they offer different perspectives on the object of research. Data from multiple sources are triangulated and interpreted to elicit indicators for learning and development in the form of critical learning incidents. The results suggest that not only cognitive, but also social and affective factors constitute the complex process of teacher learning.

Nora Benitt lehrt Didaktik der englischen Sprache und Literatur an der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen.
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