Sabine Volk-Birke

Chaucer and Medieval Preaching

Rhetoric for Listeners in Sermons and Poetry
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This study aims to contribute to a more precise concept of late medieval lateracy, orality, and aurality. We know that Chaucer (as well as the preachers) had not only a reading, but also a listening audience in mind for whom tales and sermons were composed. It is therefore the aspect of aurality, as far as the reception of a listening audience is concerned, which is investigated on the basis of a selection of late 14th century sermons as well as four Canterbury Tales, showing in how far the structural and stylistic features typical of late medieval vernacular preaching in England are reflected in Chaucer's poetry. But the connection between preaching and poetry has implications beyond the use of language and structure of sermons in poetry. It raises artistic, ethical, and epistemological questions as regards the conflict between truth as the Christian faith saw it and truth as the artist saw it. The Tales analysed here (Melibee, Pardoner, Parson, and Nun's Priest) represent different experiments and attitudes in this conflict, with the Nun's Priest's Tale justifying the artist's view of and approach to life.
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