Dirk Rohmann

Christianity and the History of Violence in the Roman Empire: A Sourcebook

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This volume brings together a large number of sources with which to illustrate the problem of religious violence in relation to the history of Christianity in the Roman Empire and post-Roman world. The sources are presented in both the original languages and in new English translation and are accompanied by introductions, comments, and short bibliographies. Thematically, Dirk Rohmann focuses on the ways in which Christians were subjected to violence by their pagan surroundings, on the ideas of martyrdom and of persecution, on how Christians thought about holy war, as well as on violence within the world of early monasticism and asceticism. This book will be of interest to both academics and students in the areas of ancient and early medieval history, classics, and religious studies.


1. Early Christianity and the Roman Empire: The Age of Persecution (66-306)

2. An Emperor’s Dream: Christianity Takes Centre Stage (311-384)

3. The Road to Christendom: Christianity from Theodosius to the Fall of Rome (379-476)

4. Men of Arms and Men of God: Latin Europe after the Fall of Rome (476-751)

PD Dr. Dirk Rohmann lehrt Alte Geschichte und Geschichte des Frühmittelalters an der Universität Wuppertal.
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