Christopher J. Gledhill

Collocations in Science Writing

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Collocation is a fundamental feature of language in which sequences of words take on the properties of fixed expressions. Some of these chunks are entirely grammatical but are restricted to a few possible expressions, others belong to formulaic expressions which have unique grammatical behaviour and become lexical items in their own right. This book analyses the role of collocation in science writing. It considers fixed expressions in terms of phraseology, that is to say, the pragmatic use of fixed expressions and idioms for persuasive or other effects. On the basis of a 500 000 word corpus of cancer research articles, it explores the role of collocation in the development of scientific ideas, the establishment of scientific conventions and the expression of membership of the discourse community. The first aim of the book is to point out the degree of collocational consistency that emerges across a wide range of texts, almost as though cancer researchers share the same phraseological accent. The second aim is to establish a methodology for the analysis of grammatical items using statistical packages such as Wordlist. The book argues for a model of analysis that identifies phraseological patterns as a systematic step in the analysis of any specific genre or text type.
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