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Colour Terms in the Crowd

Colour Terms in Use
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the role of colour in our lives is considerable and important, linguists have long reflected on its impact on our thought processes and on the language we speak. Whereas the author´s book Colour and Language, published by Gunter Narr in 1992, examined the prperties of colour terms in the Crowd investigate colours terms as they occur and are used in many, often diverging fields: in documentary and literary texts, in the language of painters, in cosmetics, with textiles and in politics, in particular the function of ´black´ in the US or with political parties in German-speaking countries. methodologiecally the approach is manly that of pragmatics, with a certain emphasis on semantics an stylistics. the essays bring out how context-, user- and culture- sensitive colour terms are.
Old English Colour Terms and Berlin and Kay's Theory of Basic Colour Terms / The Position of Colour Adjectives in Multiple Attribution / An Essay on Colour and James Baldwin's Novel Another Country / Postscript: Black US Citizens / Colour Names and Text / Colour Terms in the Writings of Painters and in the Title of Paintings / Colour Terms between Elegance and Beauty - the verbalisation of colour with textiles and cosmetics / Colour without Colour / Black - an afterthought: Political Parties and Colour Names
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