Marja Zibelius

Cooperative Learning in Virtual Space

A Critical Look at New Ways of Foreign Language Teacher Education
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The present study combines research from the fields of cooperative learning and computer-mediated cooperation with recent findings from research on foreign language teacher education and development. In particular, it provides insights into the functioning of (tele-)collaboration among a cohort of prospective foreign language teachers who participate in a blended learning teacher development programme.
A large proportion of research on Cooperative Learning (CL) to date has concentrated on situations where the cooperating partners have the opportunity of working together by sharing face-to-face contact. With the increasing popularity of virtual learning scenarios, the question arises as to whether the defining principles of CL can be transferred to digital environments where partners share little or no face-to-face contact. This study takes the CL approach as a starting point and discusses a transfer of insights from this area to the field of cooperation in an online learning environment.
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