Bernhard Kettemann, Georg Marko

Crossing Borders

Interdisciplinary Intercultural Interaction
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The present volume documents the results of a joint Austrian-Slovene conference on current paradigms and possible future developments of English and American Studies in Central Europe. It also celebrates twenty years of crossing borders in the co-operation between the cities and universities of Graz and Maribor. The book consists of two parts. The first deals with the influence of linguistic theories on modern English language teaching and examines the possible integration into language teaching methodologies of learner-centered, sociolinguistic and textlinguistic approaches, including corpus-based inductive tools. The second part is concerned with the extension of the scope of research and teaching in English and American Studies. The contributions offer insights into ways of adding new issues, new content areas and methods to the traditional canon, for example, in the analysis of science fiction, of the relation between literature and gerontology, or of interplay of verbal text, music and visuals in video clips. Crossing Borders will be of interest to English language teachers in higher education and researchers and students in English and American Studies who are interested in new developments in their fields of study.
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