Roger Dale Jones

Developing Video Game Literacy in the EFL Classroom eBook

A Qualitative Analysis of 10th Grade Classroom Game Discourse
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Video games are a major source of contact to English language and culture, and the need to develop critical video game competency is high. Although literacies for other media which are relevant and meaningful to the everyday lives of many learners, like literature and film, are already theoretically developed and largely integrated in teacher training, institutional curricula and EFL classrooms, video game literacy has been nearly completely ignored. This text presents reasons for (and defines) video game literacy for the EFL classroom as well as empirical research which covers challenges and potentials of integrating digital games and their concomitant cultural discourse in the classroom. This book offers as a result of the theoretical and empirical research ideas for complex task development and material design, teacher education, further theoretical and conceptual development of video game literacy and impulses for future empirical research.
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