Christiane Lütge, Thorsten Merse

Digital Teaching and Learning: Perspectives for English Language Education

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The ongoing digitalization of social environments and personal lifeworlds has made it crucial to pinpoint the possibilities of digital teaching and learning also in the context of English language education. This book offers university students, trainee teachers, in-service teachers and teacher educators an in-depth exploration of the intricate relationship between English language education and digital teaching and learning. Located at the intersection of research, theory and teaching practice, it thoroughly legitimizes the use of digital media in English language education and provides concrete scenarios for their competence-oriented and task-based classroom use.

1 Introduction - Digital Teaching and Learning: Perspectives for English Language Education
2 Designing mobile language learning scenarios with digital tools
3 Artificial Intelligence in the EFL classroom: Clarifications, potentials and limitations
4 Diversifying Cultural Learning in the Digital Age
5 Doing Gender, Doing Identity: Performativity in Digital Spaces
6 Digital Media Competences in a Global World
7 Literature in the Digital EFL Classroom
8 Multimodal Texts and Digital Literature
9 Differentiation Through Digital Teaching and Learning
10 Digital Teaching and Learning in the Primary EFL Classroom
11 Conclusion and Future Perspectives

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Christiane Lütge is Professor at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU), where she holds the Chair of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Her areas of expertise in research and teaching include digital literacy and literary learning, literature in foreign language teaching and learning (entailing digital literatures), as well as global citizenship education and transcultural learning in EFL.

Thorsten Merse is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the field of TEFL at the University of Munich, LMU, Germany. In his research and teaching, he engages with digital education and teachers’ digital competences, cultural and literary learning in ELT, as well as citizenship concepts in TEFL. In his PhD thesis from 2017 titled Other Others, Different Differences: Queer Perspectives on Teaching English as a Foreign Language, he pinpointed a queer-informed renegotiation of inter- and transcultural
learning within ELT pedagogy.
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