Eva-Maria Graf, Allan James

English Studies in Flux

New Peaks, New Shores, New Crossings
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English Studies in Flux: New Peaks, New Shores, New Crossings map out a dynamic topography not only of the new Europe, but also of the area of English Studies within this new Europe, both of which are in a state of flux. Indeed, the articles in this volume are ample testimony to the scalings, discoveries and translocations which characterize current Anglistics in its new-found mobility and multidisciplinarity. Furthermore, the contributors to this volume constitute themselves a personified microcosm of the new Europe and the new English Studies, representing as they do a transnational region of southern Central Europe encompassing four sovereign states and their associated intra-national border regions. In parallel, 'transdisciplinary' Anglistics is represented here in its various 'sub-regions' of the theory and practice of linguistics, literary and cultural studies, including translation, language study and their associated didactics. New peaks are scaled in the sub-disciplines, new shores are discovered beyond them and new crossings are charted between them. The book offers a representative sample of current work in European English Studies and will be of interest to researchers, teachers, and students alike.
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