Ulrich Halfmann

Eugene O'Neill: Comments on the Drama and the Theater

A Source Book
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Eugene O´Neill, by common consent America´s most important playwright, left behind no comprehensive "theory" of literature or drama. But in any number of source - many them now difficult of access - one can find statements and dicta of O´Neill´s which, in the aggregate, provide a revealing picture of his literary convictions and goals. The present volume assembles all of O´Neill´s relevant published offstage observations - essays, introductions, tributes, letters and excerpts from letters, interviews etc. - accompanying them with introductory comments and explanatory notes. A bibliographical appendix lists primary and selected secondary O´Neill literature (monographs). An index of names and titles as well as a subject index help the user find his way through the wealth of material the book contains, enabling him to use it, if he wishes, as a reference book.
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