Bernhard Kettemann, Georg Marko

Expanding Circles, Transcending Disciplines, and Multimodal Texts

Reflections on Teaching, Learning and Researching in English and American Studies
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Expanding circles, transcending disciplines, multimodal texts are just three of the myriads of terms used in connection with new tendencies in the fields of English and American Studies. But do they really indicate a new-found self-confidence of previously marginalized disciplines or are they just soon-to-be-replaced buzzwords of fields on the verge of drowning in a maelstrom of a neo-liberal understanding of science? This book is intended to provide a forum for papers discussing these terms and the questions they are raising from various angles and disciplinary perspectives and/or for papers presenting research in literary studies, media studies, cultural studies, linguistics and language teaching and learning methodology that incorporate (or defy) these new tendencies. From the Contents: N. Campbell, Developing Effective Writing through Genre Awareness A. Fill, Syntactic and semantic features of Suspense K. Hempkin, Successful Writing: Changing Student Perceptions and Approaches B. Kettemann, Literary Corpus Studies A Contradiction in Terms or the Perfect Match? M. Kukovec, From an English Teacher to a good English Teacher G. Marko, Metaphors (and other expressions) we Sleep with St. Wilson, An Apology for Transcendentalism: Chaos Theory, Emerson and Thoreau`s Spring.
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