Gert Hofmann

Figures of Law

Studies in the Interference of Law and Literature
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The main objective of this book is to search for such figures of law in literature and media representation, which represent human weakness and futility on one hand, but mirror on the other hand certain aesthetic and rhetoric qualities of the law phenomenon, these figures of law often appear to have fallen outside the Law's conventional reach, while at the same time in a defiant way appealing to it. Privileged by their de-centred perspective they manifest and measure the complexities, capacities and limitations of the human case of law. The "law of the Law" (Derrida), it seems, has an essentially poetic quality. Figures of Law seeks to open the literary discourse on the human condition of law. It investigates literary ways to mirror and articulate the question of law split between sovereign power and human futility, between violence, force, and trauma.
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