Carsten Berkau

Financial Statements

International Accounting (IFRS)
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Translation by Keabetswe S. Berkau.

Financial Statements is the international edition of the text book Berkau: Bilanzen. It covers the syllabus of Financial Accounting classes on bachelor’s level. Additional materials and case studies for master’s courses are available for download through QR codes in the text.
Financial Statements is based on more than 20 years’ academic experience in teaching Accounting at German and international universities in South Africa, Malaysia, China, the Netherlands and South Korea. The contents is based on International Accounting Standards IFRS (2019).
All chapters outline learnings objectives, explain the application of IFRS clearly, demonstrate Accounting work by exam-like case studies and disclose all accounts and financial statements as well as the workings thereto in detail. The book contains easily to apply How-it-is-Done instructions and explain Accounting technical terms in simple words. Test questions and solutions are provided at the chapter ends. On the website, more than 1,500 pages of exam tasks with complete solutions are available in English.

1. Conventions
2. Financial Statements based on HGB
3. Financial Statements based on IFRSs
4. Accounting for Retailers
5. Basics of Financial Statement Analysis
6. Formal Aspects of Financial Statements
7. Non-current Assets on the Balance Sheet
8. Business Combinations
9. Current Assets on the Balance Sheet
10. Statement of Cash Flows
11. Equity on the Balance Sheet
12. Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income
13. Statement of Changes in Equity
14. Liabilities on the Balance Sheet
15. Abbreviations
16. Table of Figures
17. Literature

Prof. Dr. Carsten Berkau lehrt seit 1996 Controlling und Rechnungswesen an der Fachhochschule Osnabrück. Er hält zudem Accounting-Vorlesungen an ausländischen Hochschulen in Shanghai (China), Port Elizabeth und Grahamstown (Südafrika) sowie Seoul (Südkorea).
Professor Berkau teaches Accounting and Management Accounting at the University of Applied Sciencen in Osnabrück and other Universities in South Africa, China and South Korea.
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