Manuel Almagro-Jiménez, Eva Parra-Membrives

From Page to Screen / Vom Buch zum Film

Modification and Misrepresentation of Female Characters in Audiovisual Media / Veränderung und Verfälschung weiblicher Figuren in den audiovisuellen Medien
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For a long time now, women have struggled for the vindication of their rights and for their visibility. This struggle may seem a story of success, maybe not complete or equal for all women, but at least one which slowly but surely carries with it the promise of equality for all women. However, a closer look reveals that in various fields of culture the representation of women frequently undergoes a manipulation which makes the image of women lose the intention initially attempted.
This is often the case with adaptations of literary texts to the screen, when the initial literary message is changed because of, for example, marketing demands or some ideological stance. Rarely do we find the opposite case where the indifferent or emasculated original female characters are turned into guardians and/or apologists of feminine power. The present volume focuses precisely on the way in which the image of women is modified in films and TV series, when compared with the original literary texts.
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