Paloma Ortiz-de-Urbina

Germanic Myths in the Audiovisual Culture

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Germanic mythology is currently experiencing a significant boom in audiovisual media, especially among younger audiences. Heroes such as Thor, Odin and Siegfried populate television and comic series, films, and video games. When and why did this interest in Germanic mythology emerge in the media? Starting from the interpretation of the myths used by Richard Wagner in ‘The Ring of the Nibelung’ at the end of the 19th century, the contributions in this volume examine the reception of Germanic myths in audiovisual media in the course of the 20th and 21st century.


1 Richard Wagner and His Impact on Contemporary Audiovisual Culture
Paloma Ortiz-de-Urbina: The Siegfried myth in opera and on film: from Richard Wagner to Fritz Lang
Magda Polo Pujadas: The Ring of the Nibelung: Philosophy, Wagner and La Fura dels Baus
Miguel Salmerón Infante: Staging Wotan: Chéreau, Schenk, Fura del Baus
Jesús Pérez-García: Die Wandlung des Nibelungenmythos in der bande dessinée von Sébastien Ferran L’Anneau des Nibelungen

2 Germanic Myths in Audiovisual Adapation and translation
Heidi Grünewald: Mythos und Utopie in Fritz Langs Nibelungenfilm
Laura Arenas: The image of Germany in German films. A study of national stereotypes in two film adaptions of the epic poem Nibelungenlied
Peio Gómez Larrambe: Artusmythos und Transtextualität in Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Elena Castro García: The Duality of Translation in Historical Television Series: Vikings

3 Germanic Myths in Television, Videogames and Propaganda Posters
Ana Melendo Cruz: Odin and Ragnar in the television series Vikings: Between myth and legend
Irene Sanz Alonso: Rewriting Germanic Myths in Video Games: The Witcher, Hellblade, God of War IV
María Jesús Fernández-Gil: Intersemiotic Analysis of Nazi Posters: Nordic Mythology at the Service of Arianism

4 Ecocritical Use of Germanic Myths and Comparative Mythology
Lorena Silos Ribas: How to Train Your Dragon: an Ecocritical Approach to Myth Criticism
Lorraine Kerslake Young: In the beginning was Crow: Reinventing and Subverting the Creation Myth
Yue Wen: Norse Mythology and Chinese Mythology in Comparison: The Origin of the Cosmos, Time and Space


Prof. Dr. Paloma Ortiz-de-Urbina lehrt Germanistik und Musikwissenschaft an der Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.
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