Jens-Morten Hanssen

Ibsen on the German Stage 1876–1918

A Quantitative Study
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Digital humanities has opened up new avenues for Ibsen scholarship, and recent developments within the field of e-research methodologies have formed a point of departure for questioning conventional assumptions. This book explores the early reception of Ibsen on the German stage from a quantitative angle using the performance database IbsenStage as a research tool. Visualization techniques are adopted as a means to prepare data for analysis and identify the major patterns in the production history, and data interrogation methodology is used to trigger new lines of enquiry.

Jens-Morten Hanssen is Associate Professor at the National Library of Norway. He earned a PhD degree in Ibsen studies at the University of Oslo in 2018 with a doctoral thesis on the early reception of Ibsen on the German stage. During 2001–2014, he was the editor of the trilingual website (formerly known as In 1997, he earned a cand. philol. degree in German literature with a thesis on Dr. Faustus by Thomas Mann.
Since 2000, he has been heavily involved in building research infrastructure in Ibsen studies. His publications cover a wide range of topics related to Ibsen’s oeuvre.
Recent article publications: “The Introduction of Bjørnson and Ibsen on the German Stage” (2016), “Otto Brahm’s Ibsen Cycle at the Lessingtheater in Berlin” (2015), “The Fusion of the Man and His Work: John Gabriel Borkman with Ibsen’s Mask” (2014)
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