Andrea Sand

Linguistic Variation in Jamaica

A Corpus-Based Study of Radio and Newspaper Usage
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While most previous linguistic research on the English language in Jamaica has concentrated on the Creole end of the linguistic continuum, this study investigates the Standard English speech of educated speakers and writers in the media. In the first part of the book methodological and theoretical issues are discussed, e.g. the different theoretical models describing the co-existence of Standard English and Jamaican Creole, and the overall linguistic situation in Jamaica is briefly sketched. The second part is devoted to the analysis of the corpus material, part of which will eventually be included in the Jamaican subcorpus of the International Corpus of English. The chapter on lexico-semantics includes features such as lexical Jamaicanisms, prepositional usage or changes in noun class, while the chapter on morpho-syntax concentrates on various aspects of the noun phrase and the verb phrase, as well as on word order. Finally, an amply documented chapter on code-switching accounts for the mesolectal and basilectal Creole elements contained in the corpus. The reader is thus presented with a ,snapshot' of the standard usage of an emerging national variety of English.
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