Guillemette Bolens, Lukas Erne

Medieval and Early Modern Authorship eBook (ePDF)

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eBook (ePDF)
Reports of his death having been greatly exaggerated, the author has made a spectacular return in English studies. This is the first book devoted to medieval and early modern authorship, exploring continuities, discontinuities, and innovations in the two periods which literary histories and institutional practices too often keep apart. Canonical authors receive sustained attention (notably Chaucer, Gower, Shakespeare, Jonson, Milton, and Marvell), and so do key issues in the current scholarly debate, such as authorial self-fashioning . the fictionalisation of authorship, the posthumous construction of authorship, and the nexus of authorship and authority . Other important topics whose relations to authorship are explored include adaptation, paratext, portraiture, historiography, hagiography, theology, and the sublime.
"This rich, challenging and exceptionally well conceived collection addresses the construction of authorship in medieval and early modern England, and revises received opinion in important ways. All the essays are worth attention; several should be considered essential reading. "
Stephen Orgel, J. E. Reynolds Professor in the Humanities, Stanford University
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