Paul Bennett, Martin Durrell, Silke Scheible, Richard J. Whitt, Dr. Holger Keibel, Dr. Marc Kupietz, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Christian Mair

New Methods in Historical Corpora eBook (ePDF)

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eBook (ePDF)
Investigating the history of a language depends on fragmentary sources, but electronic corpora offer the possibility of alleviating the problem of ‘bad data’. But they cannot overcome it totally, and questions arise of the optimal architecture for a corpus and its representativeness of actual language use, and how a historical corpus can best be annotated to maximize its usefulness. Immense strides have been made in recent years in addressing these questions, with exciting new methods and technological advances. The papers in this volume, which were presented at a conference on New Methods in Historical Corpora (Manchester 2011), exemplify the wide range of these recent developments.
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