Penelope Paparunas, Frances Ilmberger, Martin Heusser

Parallaxing Joyce

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Parallaxing Joyce is a groundbreaking collection of critical essays, as it approaches James Joyce's work using parallactic principles as its overriding theoretical framework. While parallax, a frequent term in Joyce's work, originally derives from astronomy, it has been appropriated in this volume to provide fresh perspectives on Joyce's oeuvre. By comparing Joyce and Marilyn Monroe, films, art, serializations, philosophy, translation and censorship, among others, these scholars transform our way of reading not only Joyce but also the world around us. This volume will appeal not only to academic researchers and Joyce enthusiasts, but also to anyone interested in literary and cultural studies.

lic. phil. M. A. Penelope Paparunas, doctoral student at the English Department, University of Zurich
Frances Ilmberger, M. A., lecturer at the English Department, University of Zurich, & archivist at the Zurich James Joyce Foundation
Prof. Dr. Martin Heusser, English Department, University of Zurich
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