Therese Fischer-Seidel, Susanne Peters, Alex Potts

Perception and the Senses

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This volume offers a collection of essays by German and British scholars in an influential field of study, that continues to affect the humanities as much as the natural sciences. The issue of sense perception is taken up in three main areas. Neuroscientific and philosophical enquiries into the mechanism of sense perception present challenging points of departure. Part two explores a range of historical perspectives, covering antiquity to the 18th century. In part three the issue of sense perception is seen as reflecting and disrupting earlier conceptualisings in the 19th and 20th century, covering the processes of apprehending works of literature in readings of major European authors such as Baudelaire, Joyce, and Beckett. The book covers not only contributions from neuroscience, but also from various disciplines of the humanities: Classics, Art History, French and English.
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