Winfried Fluck, Johannes Völz, Rieke Jordan

REAL - Yearbook of Research in English and American Literature

Vol. 35: The Return of the Aesthetic in American Studies
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During the past decades, it has been de rigueur in American
Studies to approach the aesthetic suspiciously, as a
vehicle for ideology. Recently, however, scholars have begun
to recover the aesthetic from different disciplinary
angles. The present volume brings together leading and
emerging scholars from Europe and the United States
of America to critically assess, and contribute to, the return
of the aesthetic to the field. It does so by considering
this return in the context of the aestheticization of
the lifeworld. Contributors reexamine popular culture in
an age of aesthetic capitalism and explore the aestheticization
of (democratic) politics. They make forays into
a practical aesthetics that thinks with rather than about
art. They test whether aesthetic autonomy continues to
have purchase, what the aesthetic forecloses, and how it
has been turning against itself in the search for negative
freedom. This volume of REAL thus intervenes in one
the most heated debates in the field of American Studies
of the current moment.
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