Thomas Brook

REAL - Yearbook of Research in English and American Literature, Volume 22 (2006)

Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Literature
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The histores of literatures written in english are interwoven with the history of civil liberties and civil rights. Essays in the volume treat a wide range of authors, from Shakespeare and Milton to Franklin, Emerson, and Lincoln to Saro- Wiwa. they also treat popular musical lyrics and lesser known authors, such as George Bourne, Bartley Campbell, Albion W. Tourgée, and Maria Ruiz de Burton. contributors examine literary works in conjunction with questions of minority rights and the rights of minors; environmental rights and tribal rights; capital punishment and charges of treason; freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion.
Literatures written in English frequently intersect with or engage the history of civil rights and civil liberties. From portrayals of Sir Thomas More's assassination to Orwell's depiction of a world devoid of civil liberties in 1984. From Milton's "Areopagitica" to Arthur Miller's The Crucible. From Thoreau to Ghandi to Martin Luther King, Jr. From responses to the Alien and Sedition Acts to responses to the Patriot Act. From the works of Nadine Gordimer to those of Wole Soyinka. The 2006 volume of REAL solicits essays devoted to this topic, which examine: (1) literary representations of disputes and debates about civil rights and civil liberties, (2) how those disputes and debates have affected and shaped various works, from choice of subject matter to cases of censorship, and (3) rhetorical and metaphorical analysis of those disputes and debates and how they are staged.
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