Lyutsiya Staub

Revisiting Renoir, Manet and Degas

Impressionist Figure Paintings in Contemporary Anglophone Art Fiction
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This work analyses the relationship between visual art and contemporary art fiction by addressing the problem of the ekphrastic re-presentation and re-interpretation of an Impressionist figure painting through its composition, selected details of the painting and allusion to specific techniques used in the process of creating the masterpiece based on the examples of the following novels: Luncheon of the Boating Party (LOTBP) by Susan Vreeland (2007), Mademoiselle Victorine (MV) by Debra Finerman (2007), With Violets (WV) by Elizabeth Robards (2008), Dancing for Degas (DFD) by Kathryn Wagner (2010) and The Painted Girls (TPG) by Cathy Marie Buchanan (2013).

Intermediality: Narrative Texts and Visual Arts
2.1. Verbal and Visual Overstepping of Boundaries
2.1.1. Evolution of the Definition of Ekphrasis
2.1.2. The Diversity of Ekphrastic Relationships

2.2. Perception, Re-presentation and the Making of Meaning

2.3. Intermedial Interaction in Contemporary Art Fiction
2.3.1. The Communicative Category
2.3.2. The Re-presentational Category
2.3.3. The Interpretive Category
3.1. Verbal Elements
3.2. Visual Elements
4.1. The Process of Making an Artwork: Labour
4.1.1. Inspiration for the Painting

4.2. Models and Modelling in Art-fictional Figure Paintings
4.2.1. The Boating Party
4.2.2. Opportunists, Dancers, Lovers

4.3. Selected Visual Details and Colour
5.1. Perceived versus Intended Meaning
5.2. Paintings Viewed on Display
5.3. Revisiting Images and Looking at Collections
5.4. Art Criticism

Lyutsiya Staub is an ELT Consultant for Macmillan Education (part of Springer AG Publishing) in Switzerland as well as a
teacher of English.
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