Prof. Dr. Engelbert Thaler, Engelbert Thaler

Short Films in Language Teaching

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The second volume in the new academic series SELT (Studies in English Language Teaching) is also divided into three parts: A. Theory – B. Methodology – C. CIassroom. Part A highlights the topic from the perspectives of different academic disciplines, in this case from a TEFL as well as from a film-didactic and a cultural-literary viewpoint. In part B, methodological contributions on selected short films and suitable procedures are assembled. Part C is a collection of concrete sample lessons for teaching English with short films at various levels. These lesson plans have been designed at university, carried out and evaluated by 11 experienced teachers, and finally revised by the editor. Peer reviewing is guaranteed by an academic advisory council consisting of six well-known TEFL professors.

The new series, above all, aims at bridging didactic research and classroom practice. Thus it is intended for foreign language lecturers, students, teacher trainers and teachers.
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