Katrin Stadlinger-Kessel, Bernard Brown, Engelbert Thaler

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eBook (ePDF)
Short narrative texts are good for the language classroom because they are short and narrative. Therefore this volume treats the teaching potential of Shorties on a theoretical level (part A), a methodological level (part B) , and a practical level (part C). Part A highlights the topic from the perspectives of different academic disciplines, in this case from a TEFL as well as from a linguistic and literary viewpoint. In part B, methodological contributions on selected texts, media and procedures are assembled. Part C is a collection of concrete sample lessons for teaching English at various levels. These lesson plans have been designed at university, carried out and evaluated by 11 experienced teachers, and finally revised by the editor.
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ISBN 978-3-8233-7997-3
EAN 9783823379973
Seiten 203
Format eBook PDF
Ausgabename 16997-2
Verlag Gunter Narr Verlag
Herausgeber Engelbert Thaler
Autor Katrin Stadlinger-Kessel, Bernard Brown
Erscheinungsdatum 18.12.2020
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