Nancy Grimm, Michael Meyer, Laurenz Volkmann

Teaching English

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Teaching English covers all of the major issues and current trends in language learning and teaching, such as the trends toward empiricism, constructivism, differentiation, learner- and output-orientation, intercultural learning, and the use of multimedia. This book bridges the gap between the suggestions of theoretical approaches to foreign language teaching and the practical needs of both the educators (regardless of the institutions they are teaching and the experiences they have gathered) as well as the students. It will help readers profit from the materials and reflected practices for use in their own classrooms. And lastly, the book offers optimal preparation for exams in university courses and in teacher-training seminars.
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ISBN 978-3-8233-7831-0
EAN 9783823378310
Bibliographie 1. Auflage
Seiten 353
Format eBook PDF
Ausgabename 16831-2
Verlag Gunter Narr Verlag
Autor Nancy Grimm, Michael Meyer, Laurenz Volkmann
Erscheinungsdatum 16.09.2015
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