Daniel Stefan Keller

The Development of Shakespeare´s Rhetoric

A Study of Nine Plays
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This study aims to open a new approach to the substance of Shakespeare’s dramatic language, the fundamental medium of his art. It traces a large sample of rhetorical figures or ‘schemes’ in nine plays, from Titus Andronicus (ca. 1592-3) to The Tempest (ca. 1612). A selection of works from all three genres (four tragedies, one history play, four comedies) creates a solid base for studying the development of Shakespeare’s use of rhetoric across his whole career. Choosing 43 of the most important rhetorical figures, out of the over 200 known to Renaissance rhetoric, the study analyses in detail how Shakespeare used these devices for specific effects in his dramas. It refutes the long-lived idea that he depended less on rhetoric in his mature and late writing. Instead, it establishes that Shakespeare used figures at every stage of his career. His rhetoric is always integrated into the verbal structure of the plays and the interaction of human beings that forms their substance.
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