Hubert Knoblauch, Helga Kotthoff, Hubert Knoblauch, Helga Kotthoff

Verbal Art across Cultures

The Aesthetics and Proto-Aesthetics of Communication
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This collection deals with every-day (para)linguistic and visual communication processes and highlights their artful dimension. Aesthetic communication is not limited to artworks and the institutional art domains, nor is it sought in inner processes of conscious-ness or intentions, but instead on various levels of symbolic expression, above-all, in oral communication. The majority of the studies making up the collection are empirical and deal with various semiotic phenomena in a wide range of different cultures. They include video-analytic museum studies, conversation analyses of artistic oral genres and performance analyses in the domain of linguistic anthropology. All the contributing authors see verbal art as a mean-ingful process which can use all interactional modalities, from prosody and body language to wording.
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