AAA - Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik

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Bernhard Kettemann

The book series that accompanies the journal Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik offers in depth analyses of a variety of topics in the fields of English and American Studies. These cover the teaching of English as a foreign or second language, the study of literatures in English and the study of English-speaking cultures. Topics in former issues have included world Englishes, professional discourse in English, discussion behavior, language acquisition, intercultural interaction, the influence of English on other languages, and semiotics of music. Indeed, wide and deep.

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  1. Japanizing English
    68,00 € inkl. Steuer
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  2. Penetrating Language
    58,00 € inkl. Steuer
  3. English Studies in Flux
    58,00 € inkl. Steuer
  4. 'Les Murray Country'
    49,00 € inkl. Steuer
  5. People's Lives, Public Images
    48,00 € inkl. Steuer
  6. Fact - Fiction - "Faction"
    68,00 € inkl. Steuer
  7. Crossing Borders
    44,00 € inkl. Steuer
  8. Semiotics of Popular Music
    34,00 € inkl. Steuer
  9. New-Found-Lands
    29,00 € inkl. Steuer
  10. Language and Power in the Office
    23,00 € inkl. Steuer
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In aufsteigender Reihenfolge